School Crossing Guard Program Rescued

The Millbrae School District is expected to receive county funds for the program.

The Millbrae School District is in final talks with the county to receive monies to fund crossing guards at all elementary schools and . 

In August, as the school district could only pay for the position for half the school year. Originally, the crossing guards’ salaries of $36,000 were evenly divided between the city and the school district. But, due to budget cuts, the city could no longer provide the $18,000. 

At the time, the school district vowed to find ways to maintain the program throughout the year. And, after a couple of months, it is just days away from receiving $26,000, according to Wendy Richard, the district’s Chief Business Official. 

The district can now allocate $44,000 toward the program – compared to $36,000 last year.

“The extra money will allow for a crossing guard at Taylor,” said Millbrae Superintendent Linda Luna. 

A crossing guard will direct students and traffic both mornings and afternoon at each of the five schools.

Safe Routes to School, a $2 million program funded by the San Mateo County Office of Education, will provide Millbrae with the money. And, the grant program may be long-term, according to Luna.

“We will also have money to conduct audit walks to differentiate [crossing guard] needs at every school,” Luna said. “And then we can make recommendations on how to address issues at each school site.”

In addition to crossing guards, some school board trustees would like to have police officers enforcing parking and moving violations at some of the busier schools.

“I have witnessed chaos from 3-3:15 every day,” said Trustee Frank Barbaro, who lives near Taylor. “People are blocking driveways and doing illegal u-turns.”

Crossing guards do not have the authority to issue citations or tow vehicles, and Barbaro would like to see an officer patrolling the area – if he or she has time.


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