Safety Tips for Millbrae Kids Returning to School

School District issues tips for students and parents.

Today is the first day of school for all elementary and middle school students. After concerns over , the district assured parents that it will find a way to fund the program, and guaranteed that a guard would be present today. 

Here are a few reminders and tips from Millbrae School District Superintendent Linda Luna:


· Green Hills School is a “walk to school campus.”

· Students are to use the cross walk on Ludeman Lane and Laurel Avenue down the hill instead of running across Ludeman Lane by the school.

· Parents are to use the parking lot off of Laurel Avenue by parking their car in a parking stall and walking their children onto the Green Hills campus.

· All drop-offs and pick-ups will take place on San Anselmo Avenue in the designated White Zone.

· Parents may park their car in the residential area to walk their children to the playground.

· Drop-off and pick-up is to occur on Helen Drive only. Parents are to proceed to the front of the school on Helen Drive by driving down Larkspur, around Ridgewood and drop off on the right hand side, directly in front of the school.

· Parents may park their car in the Helen Drive parking lot and walk their children to the campus.

· NO U-Turns on Helen Drive!

· Kindergarten: Parents are to park their car and walk onto the campus. Please wait at the end of the first corridor for children. Do not walk to the classroom as other classes are still in session.

· Grades 1-3: Parents may drop-off and pick-up using the school driveway. The parents are also encouraged to park in available side-street parking areas such as Murchison, Marcella, or Pinon to meet their child.

· Grades 4-5: Parents are to park in available side-street parking areas such as Murchison, Marcella, or Pinon and children in these grades are to walk to meet their parents.

· Parents are to use the H-Wing parking lot off of Richmond Drive or the Taylor Blvd. parking lot to drop-off and pick-up their children.

· NO drop-off or pick-up on Taylor Blvd. across the street from the school.

NO double-parking and blocking driveways in all residential areas, especially Ashton Avenue and Taylor Blvd.


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