Face to Face: Taylor Kids Meet Professionals

Wednesday's Career Day at Taylor Middle School gave students a chance to think about a future they'd like to consider.

by Coryne Wong

Taylor Middle School in Millbrae hosted their first Career Day on Wednesday, October 3. The purpose was to introduce the 890 students to potential careers and life choices.

Students were fascinated by speeches and presentations which included: Millbrae Superintendent Linda Luna, the Millbrae Fire Department, architects, a television camera operator, pediatric intensive care nurses, K-9 Unit personnel, a journalist, information about news reporting, and even the Golden Gate Bridge's chief engineer!

After the presentations, students reflected on what speaker presented a message to them regarding future paths and goals. They then wrote a personal note to that speaker. Their answers varied.

I questioned many students, and their answers were diversified:  journalism, pilot, teaching, nursing, architect, politics, and many more!

Sam said: “ I really didn’t know that so many options were open to me!” Brian told me:  “They keep saying to go to college, at least for two years.  So, yes, I’m going to go!”  Even the ever-popular DJ High-top conveyed the same message:  “I love what I do! Go to College and figure out what you want to do!”

Our journeys and the many positions all related to the children.

The last time Taylor Middle School had a Career Day was 8 years ago. I have to say that I experienced “Career Days” in the past, okay, in my “younger years.” I had to sit through dull and irrevelant talks, and I truly thought that they were not very helpful.

However, witnessing today’s activities, as well as the fabulous presentations and speakers, it was valuable, pertinent, inspiring, and reflective.

The students, after presentations, gathered on the field for a live musical presentation from The Banana Slug Band. Although it was very hot, the students were singing, clapping, and dancing!

The Santa Cruz-based band is underwritten by the San Mateo County Water Pollution Prevention program, and is tied into Character Days by promoting good choices and protecting the environment.

The day ended with a Pep Rally that had games, Bubba, and, again, cheering, dancing, and much laughter!

I can’t wait for next year!

Jonathan Metry October 06, 2012 at 05:32 AM
Who ever wrote must be a genius very well written (=
Makana Pember October 11, 2012 at 02:07 AM
good artical
Danielle Dennehy October 11, 2012 at 11:50 PM
Agreed.Who ever wrote this?


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