1 in 10 Millbrae Students Truant

The Millbrae School District's suspension and expulsion rate trended below the state and county's rates during the 2010-2011 school year.

With a new school year approaching, Millbrae School District parents are reminded that if a student arrives late or misses school, the student must bring a parent or guardian written note explaining the child’s absence, or risk their child being considered truant.

Failing to bring a note just three times results in the student being considered a truant.

According to data released by the California Department of Education, 255 students received the truant designation during the 2010-2011 school year.

Those 255 students are part of the 2,222 student enrollment, resulting in a district-wide 10.13 percent truancy rate.

This rate is significantly lower than the county rate of 25.07 percent and the state rate of 26.76 percent for the same year.

The number of students considered truant ranged from one at to 115 at .

However, the Millbrae School District had no expulsions during the 2010-2011 school year, while the number of students expelled at the county level was 289 and 15,930 were expelled at the state level.

School Enrollment Truants* Truancy Rate Expulsions Suspensions Green Hills Elementary 347 1 0.29% 0 1 Lomita Park Elementary 291 20 6.87% 0 0 Meadows Elementary 361 39 10.80% 0 1 Spring Valley Elementary 377 50 13.26% 0 2 Taylor Middle School 846 115 13.59% 0 37


*Truants are an unexcused absence or tardy on 3 or more days

Look up other districts' expulsion, suspension and truancy rates on the state's website.

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