City Council Candidates' Voting Records Mixed

A list of candidates' voting history.

Two city council candidates have voted in every city and general election in the last decade, while others’ voting records vary widely, according to San Mateo County Election's Office documents.

Robert Gottschalk and Marge Colapietro have voted in all elections since 2001, while Marc Farber has voted in two elections in the same time period.

Here is a list in descending order of how many elections – including special elections and primaries – the candidates have voted in, according to archives from the San Mateo County Election’s Office.

Record out of 23 elections since 2001:

Marge Colapietro - 23

Robert Gottschalk - 23 

Wayne Lee - 21

Lorrie Kalos-Gunn - 17

Anne Oliva - 14

Marc Farber - 2

Tony Press October 14, 2011 at 01:26 AM
I'm not a Millbrae resident and I don't know any of the candidates BUT on this article alone, I know I wouldn't be voting for someone who voted just two times in 23 opportunities.


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