Letter to the Editor: Deny Building on the Murchison Drive Lot

Longtime Millbrae resident Laverne Dunn believes the project will have long term negative consequences on the neighborhood.

The following letter was written by Laverne Dunn, 88, who has lived in Millbrae since 1966. She wrote the following letter to the Millbrae City Council in regards to their prior approval of a 2,810 square foot house on 16,405 foot vacant lot on 1304 Murchison Drive.

At tonight's 7 p.m. meeting, the Council will host a public hearing about appealing the approval. 

Dear Honorable Members of the Council, 

The purpose of this letter is to ask that you take more time to review this project before making any long-lasting decisions that will have life changing implications for the residents of 1306 Murchison and long term negative consequences for this neighborhood.

We invite you to visit the site for yourself so that you can see the impact this will have on our property, quality of life, and the impact it will have on the neighborhood. We were disappointed in the 3-1 decision made by the Planning Commission and disagree with their assertion that this project would not be detrimental to the orderly, harmonious, and safe development of the city.

This project would severely impair the investment or occupation in the neighborhood and will decrease property values. Ultimately, when you review the facts and history of this proposed project, we believe strongly that you will agree with past decisions of the City Millbrae in denying approval for construction of a residence on this land-locked lot. 

Since purchasing this property in 1966, the City of Millbrae has denied building on this lot on three separate occasions. The reason for this is simple. The lot was never intended to have a house. In addition, the easement that effects our property was only intended to be used for safe passage of children to school from a residence directly behind the property at 5 Spring Valley Lane. 

Now, at 88 years old, I am in a position once again to ask the City Council to continue the good judgement and wisdom of previous City of Millbrae decisions to deny building on this lot. There are too many unresolved issues to approve this project. The Planning Commission and City of Millbrae staff can make recommendations in their reports, but who will hold the developer accountable? Once the developer sells this home, how will the new owners be made aware of and be held responsible for these recommendations.

It is unacceptable that I may be forced to park on the street and have to walk a long distance to my own home. I am physically incapable of walking this distance. It is dangerous to my health and safety that I could be put in a position that utilities like water, electricity, and sewer services be shut off to my home. I cannot believe that my driveway that I have been using since 1966 would be demolished and become a shared driveway by the order of a city government. If I were to ask you if a project like this could happen to you, you would not have believed me and I doubt you would approve this project if this lot was adjacent to your own home.

I respectfully request that you deny this project.

Laverne Dunn

tenfifteen January 23, 2013 at 10:11 PM
The Council voted last night to allow this project to proceed....If you own a home in Millbrae that is near open space, you better check to see if it is an owned lot...You could be next.....especially under this council


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