City Council to Urge Mixed Use of BART Site to Stimulate Community/Regional Economic Development

The council hopes BART will kick-start the planning process for development of parcels surrounding City’s intermodal center.

The City Council will conduct a special meeting on Tuesday, January 28 to address goals and priorities for the new year and to approve a letter to the BART Board of Directors asking them to begin moving forward on developing the area around the Millbrae BART station.

The council will consider sending a letter to BART’s Board President, Tom Radulovich asking the regional light rail system to begin the development process for the area surrounding the Millbrae BART station and intermodal center.

The letter asks the BART board to consider putting a mixed use development on parcels five and six and to include a hotel in the plan.  Mixed use developments typically include, commercial uses such as retail stores, service industries and restaurants as well as a higher density residential element.

Is mixed-use development with housing, comercial and a hotel the best idea for the area around the BARTsattion?  Tell us in comments.

Millbrae leaders would like to have a hotel on the site to take advantage of the direct connections by public transit to SFO, the Silicon Valley and San Francisco.  A hotel would also generate extra revenue because of the city’s 12 percent Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT).

The City Council will also discuss goals and priorities for the coming year. Among the goals already identified are:

  • Financial Stability
  • Economic Development
  • Work with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to develop thier property in Millbrae
  • Complete the Millbrae Community Youth Center

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers at 621 Magnolia Ave.

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Jesse M. January 29, 2013 at 03:52 AM
If there were Zipcars there, I'd use use them all the time! Bring in a few Zipcars please.
Sally M. January 29, 2013 at 09:11 PM
The motor vehicle access into and out of the Millbrae BART station is already very problemmatic, especially for cars coming from or going toward El Camino Real. For instance, I live in Burlingame and sometimes park in the back (easternmost) parking lot. To exit the station and make a right turn onto Millbrae Ave, I have to cut across six lanes of traffic. At rush hour there is solid traffic stopped at the light at the station exit. It is pretty challenging. Similarly, from El Camino northbound, I have to cut across several lanes of traffic on Millbrae Avenue in the space of a block to get over to the turn lane for the station. If more traffic is added to this mix with mixed use development, the station entrance and exit traffic will be horrific--unless there are some ingenious solutions for traffic flow. I seldom drive to the station, instead taking the free shuttle from North Burlingame. More and better advertised shuttles with more extensive routes could really help with the traffic problems.


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