Police: Crash Investigation Likely to Take a While

Details are still vague about the crash that left two dead and three injured over the weekend in San Bruno, and the accident still remains under investigation.

The that killed two people and left three others injured has left many questions.

What is known at the moment is that a pickup truck rear-ended two cousins, Usbaldo Gomez and Arnulfo Picazo, at a traffic light at El Camino Real and Sneath Lane. Gomez and Picazo were killed in the crash. The truck also struck two other vehicles that were stopped on eastbound Sneath Lane.

The driver of the truck was apparently taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and two others, including a child, were taken to a local hospital.

But no arrests have been made and further details about the crash likely won't be available until the police investigation is complete.

"Due to the complexity of the case, the investigation is still ongoing," said San Bruno police spokesman Lt. Geoff Caldwell. "It won't be complete until all avenues have been exhausted. Then we'll turn everything over to the DA's office."

Rumors have been circulating about what caused the driver of the pickup truck to crash into the other vehicles. Police also are looking into whether the driver of the truck was under the influence of alcohol. A comment on Saturday's story also seemed to indicate that at least one of the victims injured in the crash was still at the hospital. But nothing has been confirmed.

Because the place where the crash happened is a major intersection and there were a variety of factors at play, Caldwell said it could take a while to piece all the answers together.

Meanwhile, family and friends of the two cousins who died in the crash continue to mourn. Gomez and Picazo have both been described as family men who grew up together and treated each other like brothers.

They had just left the baptism of Gomez's daughter, who just turned 1, at St. Bruno's when the accident happened, a family member said.

 will start at 6:45 p.m. Thursday at St. Bruno's. A vigil service will follow at 7:30 p.m. A funeral Mass will take place at 4 p.m. on Friday at the church.


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