Lawsuit Seeks to Recover AP Test Scores

The complaint alleges scores from advanced placement exams taken by Mills High School students were thrown out after student seating irregularities were uncovered.

A lawsuit was filed Monday in San Mateo County Superior Court on behalf of almost 300 Mills High School students who claim that their scores on Advanced Placement exams were wrongfully invalidated.

According to a report in the Contra Costa Times, the scores were canceled by Educational Testing Service and the College Board after they learned that rules regarding where students may sit while taking the exams were not followed. In all, the results of 634 tests which were administered in May were canceled.

The test guidelines stipulate that all students must be seated and facing the same direction during testing to minimize the chances of cheating. Officials from San Mateo Union High School District acknowledge that some students were seated facing each other at square or round tables. The lawsuit filed by the students insists there is no evidence that cheating took place.

Students have the option to take the test again between Aug. 9 and 19 at no cost through ETS. However, some students, according to the complaint, said they don’t plan to take the test again citing availability issues, or lack of preparation time.

Read the complete report.


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