You Want to Know What Makes Me a Good Mom? I’ll Tell You.

As Mother’s Day approaches, I wanted to know why moms think that they are “good moms.”

Mother’s Day has become one of my favorite days of the year. It’s a day just for me. Well, me and a billion other mothers. That thought aside, it’s a day that I get to be the special one and I love it! I even keep the card that was given to me by my daughter (husband) on my first Mother’s Day, on my bedside table. I think I might even enjoy it more than my birthday. In fact, I know I enjoy it more than my birthday. I’m not plagued by the fact that I am a year older. Not to mention, we usually go to a buffet where I will get to gorge myself on every kind of food known to man! 

I was recently reading a parenting magazine and there was an article that asked moms “what makes you a good mom?” I thought this was a great question and thoroughly enjoyed reading the answers. Everyone has their own idea of what makes a good mom. There is no set answer, but I believe there is a common thread. That thread is that we all love our children. 

So I decided that I would ask moms what they thought made them a good mom.

I might as well start with myself. What makes me a good mom is that I do things I don’t want to do. When you become a mom, you have to learn to put your needs aside. And I have gotten pretty good at it. Here are a few examples: I love food. I am not a fan of having to share my food, but I do it. No matter what I am eating, the second Madison sees I have food, she is at my feet saying “some,” as in “give me some, now!” I have no problem sharing my dinner with her even though she has the exact same thing on her plate! 

Another example: Do I really want to watch Finding Nemo four hundred and fifty three times? No! But I do. She asks to watch it so why would I deny her that request just because I can say every line of that movie, word for word? I never thought I could dislike an animated fish so much. 

And lastly, when I just feel like sitting down and doing absolutely nothing, I still get up and make her dinner, give her a bath, play Elmo videos on YouTube or play Pat-a-Cake. 

You may look at these things and think that they are not necessarily above and beyond the call of duty. I would agree they aren’t. But I can guarantee you that there are quite a few moms out there that would force a new movie or continue to sit on their butts instead of doing the things listed, because they didn’t want to do them. 

Here are the answers that I received from other moms:

 I'm a good mom because I love my children unconditionally – Stacey B.

 I am a good mom because I have two children that have grown into amazing people who are very caring and loving – Sharon F.

I am a good mom because I teach my kids to love and take care of themselves and others –Sarah F.

I am a good Mom because God blessed me with a child. He must have thought something special about me and all of the other Mom's if he entrusted us to care for his children. I'm also a good Mom because even when it hurts to discipline my child I do it because it is good for her – Francis W.

 I'm not the kind of mom that's intrusive in my children's lives.  I would hope my children feel they can come to me with anything and I'll be loving and supportive no matter the situation.  I do not want them to feel obligated to ensure my happiness, either.  As we get older, the playing field changes and moms are no longer in charge.....this is when moms can become really good friends with their children and grandchildren.  I can honestly say that my three children have some differing philosophies about life but they are all decent, caring and loving.  I hope, in some small measure, I had something to do with that – Virginia J.

I figured I would get some really great answers, but knew that my cousin Stephanie would give me the answer to top all answers, and she did not disappoint!

Come on, look at me. I’m the closest thing to perfect. Are you really asking me this? I thought you knew!!!! –Stephanie F.

Best answer ever!

She also gave a serious response, not as funny, but still great. 

I’m a good mom because I know how to balance everything and I’m very organized. I want to do everything my mom didn’t – Stephanie F.

So even though we all have different thoughts about what makes a great mom, the important thing is that we care for our children and do the best we can (most of the time!) Let’s raise our glasses to being GREAT moms and enjoy a day just for us!

Happy Mother’s Day!

sky September 20, 2011 at 09:46 PM
i wish my mom cooked me dinner. My protein intank a day is half my body wieght or less. The best meal i get is at school lollololo
PK April 07, 2012 at 03:24 PM
My mom doesn't like mother's day. I love her but she has spent a lot of energy making it like her children were the reason she was never happy in life. She used to get drunk at yell at me and my sister about how we were basically horrible because we existed when all she ever wanted was to be happy. She even moved away to Canada to marry an English man and doesn't want to see me even once a year. One year I called her to wish her a happy mother's day and she seemed extremely annoyed. I think being a mom might be on her list of regrets but I hope I am wrong. Some of her actions made me a very suicidal teenager. Mother's day makes me sad.
Santiago March 13, 2013 at 03:33 AM
Being a mommy to two beautiful daughters its stressful but at the end of the day I know I'm a good mommy because after all the crazyness I still would never change being a mommy for anything in the world!!!!!! One question for anyone willing to answer mommy guilt does it ever go away lol?


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