SFO Airport Sprawl
SFO Airport Sprawl
Can you spell JOKE? I might as well have been a visitor on the : "We're SFO, We Can Do No Wrong, and That Roaring Jet Noise You Hear, is All in Your Head, so SHUT UP, and STOP COMPLAINING!" tour! We were given, "no answer" answers to questions, by Bert Ganoung, manager of the SFO Aircraft Noise Abatement Office! I sincerely feel that Bert was not exactly forthcoming with the entire truth; especially where the matter of noise barriers and sound corridors were concerned. He claims they are not useful at SFO, (and Bert said they wouldn't want to add to the difficulty of planes landing, a la Asiana Airlines. Real nice, Bert, try and make a point against sound barriers using a recent tragedy! Other airports do just fine with noise barriers, and sound corridors! What a tragic situation to use, to try and evoke emotion for SFO to weasel their way out of the barrier expense!) There are many instances where noise barriers and corridors  could be used at SFO, that would cause no landing issues, but SFO apparently doesn't feel the need to even try to help its city neighbors have better, more healthy, and less stressful lives. It appears they won't be using anything other than the status quo. Since the truth is a foreign concept to those at SFO, the meeting was, as the gentleman from Millbrae said, "a waste of our time!" It was pretty much as expected, a fluff piece; and blowing smoke up our skirts! Insulting!
    What I took away from the meeting was basically what the rude SFO operator, 1706 said to me on the phone, "you live in an airport city, deal with it," except at the meeting, it was done with a kiss, instead of a slap! I have worked with high powered executives, so I am no stranger to recognizing the ways of people being fobbed off. Bert ended the meeting by giving us this cold bucket of water on any hope we may have had for cooperation from SFO; he said that aviation technology will eventually make things quieter and more bearable, or SFO will just end up sinking into the Bay! My money is on the sinking thing....! (of course, before then, my prediction is that the airport will take over Millbrae, using eminent domain). It is just a waiting game...
      SFO will do nothing to help the nearby residents. They do what they want, blame the FAA, even when it isn't applicable, fabricate truth, and hold meaningless meetings with the public as a means of misleading, and damage control. It's extremely disheartening, but not unexpected. It is becoming a world where people come LAST! If airports keep taking on more and more airlines, and expanding; (which SFO admits doing) will there be a spot remaining to live on, where the skies won't be as much a treat, and a thing of beauty, as a relentless source of torture, and health risks? Not as long as human beings are lower on the chain, than corporations...who by-the-way, ARE NOT PEOPLE! STOP THEM BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!
    I might also add that the representative from Jackie Speier's office, Brian, who attended the meeting, was such a promoter, and backer, of anything SFO had to say; that I honestly thought he was one of their employees, or PR people! I thought our representatives were supposed to care about the welfare of their constituents! Well, where SFO is concerned, I think we can divest ourselves of THAT notion! I think the only hope against SFO will be in the form of relentless complaints, boycotts, and legal remedies!


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