Millbrae Fire Assessment Presentation

The Tulchin Research results are in for the fire assessment survey at the past city council meeting November 26 for which the city paid $30,000.

They specifically added language to the proposed measure including "annual financial audits" and "citizen's oversight committee". Is there a coincidence these were the very things I was fighting for in my prior campaign - no, I believe it is not coincidence at all. I consider putting pressure on the council to include this language is a very small victory for keeping our town transparent and accountable with the money it gets.

You'll see at 4:36, they tailored their message around accountability and responsibility - whereas the message to sell the measure has never been sold in this way before.

Currently the poll stands at at 41% "definitely yes" and 27% "probably yes" with a +/- 5.72% margin of error. The base of support is much narrower in my opinion, given the trend of the past renewals of the measure (it is only going down). The sample size was only 268 home owners out of 5,100 homes in Millbrae.

The city paid $30,000 for them to poll 268 people, I simply don't see the value for the money paid. There was not enough due diligence done by Tulchin. A sample of 5% of homeowners is not enough data to extrapolate that data they claim they have - basic statistics would suggest the sample size chosen is a tad small.

A simple calculation of sample size shows that a 95% confidence level 302 samples should have been or a 99% 502 samples should have been taken. Stated simple: the math in choosing the sample size by Tulchin may have been incorrect.

Click here for a sample size calculator - easy to use. Plug in the confidence level, a margin of error of (5.72), and a population of 5,100 homes.

Here is the video:

City Council Video Click Here

I will be contacting the city with my proposal for a citizen staffed audit committee. I would like to committee to participate in the audit firm selection, review of audit findings, review/approval of the CAFR presented to the city, and to also participate in the fire assessment oversight.
Mike Hunt December 02, 2013 at 12:00 PM
The city frequently chunks out a lot of money for little value in return! Take our city manager...PLEASE! :-) She gets in excess of $250,000 per year, automatically gets a raise when other city officials get a raise, but where is the value for money there? What, if any, of our complaints to the city, ever get addressed? (I mean SERIOUSLY addressed, and not just tossed aside!) They ignore street safety, noise issues, CUTTING DOWN THE PARK TREES, downtown problems, etc! WHAT IS BEING DONE BY CITY OFFICIALS TO EARN THEIR SALERIES? AREN'T THEY SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT US? THEY DON'T LET US VOTE ON ISSUES WE WOULD VOTE AGAINST, BECAUSE THEY KEEP THEM OFF THE BALLOT! THIS IS NOT A TRANSPARENT CITY GOVERNMENT, IT IS FULL OF SECRETS AND LIES!
Fred December 04, 2013 at 02:21 PM
I agree with you. The downtown is dirty, smoking is abundant, no regard for other people. Who shops here? The city council does't seem to listen to residents. They should send a survey to every resident and have them list what is great about living here and what is not so great. I have never had anyone address serious issues. The people living on the east side of El Camino are living in horrible conditions, the airport is in their backyard. The trees were cut down, Bart has lights on 24/7, etc. it is time to address some of these pressing issues.
Doug Radtke December 04, 2013 at 02:22 PM
Fred, that's a good issue I did not even think of - BART and Caltrain close at midnight they should turn off all the lights. What a waste of power!
Doug Radtke February 27, 2014 at 04:20 PM
I have asked for transparency and accountability in our spending. I question the fire assessment for good reason. Robert Fairbanks of Millbrae came to a city council meeting on 1/28 to question why our fire chief is one of the highest paid employees in CALIFORNIA. In Millbrae, Fire Chief Dennis Hagg retired with a payout of $416,931 after 33 years with the city. He was 58. http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Highest-paid-public-workers-call-Bay-Area-home-5143518.php See the city council minutes below: http://www.ci.millbrae.ca.us/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=5427 Is this where your fire assessment money is going? It's time to take a stand in November and say NO to the fire assessment renewal


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