How Did Millbrae Survive This Long Without Big Mouth Burgers

After a long awaited opening, my family and I ventured out to enjoy dinner downtown.

So many restaurants have come and gone in downtown Millbrae, but there is a new restaurant that I hope will never leave. That restaurant is Big Mouth Burgers located next to and .

Anyone who has walked downtown in the last couple of months has seen the work that was being done to that location. My husband and I noticed awhile back that a “notice to sell alcohol” posting was in the window. The name of the business was written on the notice and boy were we surprised to see that it said Big Mouth Burger! “Finally, something new that we will like,” I exclaimed with glee. Not that I don’t like what downtown Millbrae has to offer, but the last thing I wanted to see was another sandwich shop, sushi place or (insert whatever you feel there is too much of downtown.) I was excited that we would be able to get a real burger without having to go to a sit down restaurant.

After a long awaited opening, we excitedly went there for dinner on Saturday. The line had calmed down by that point since we were there between lunch and dinner time. The line the previous day was out the door so I knew I wanted to try to avoid that. Nobody wants to see my 20 month old screaming for food. She is like her mother… when she is hungry, don’t mess with her. I had an idea of what I wanted to eat since I had gone to their online menu to check it out. That all went out the window when I stared up at the gigantic menu located on the wall. I wanted everything!

The menu is really amazing. They have sandwiches, burgers, salads, yummy side orders and even a kids menu. We ended up ordering The Big Mouth Burger, The Turkey Burger, Sweet Potato Fries, French Fries and Onion Rings. Sounds like a lot, I know, but when each person in your family wants a different item, that’s what happens!

While waiting for our order, we sat inside, but they have numerous tables located outside the restaurant. I am really happy that they did this. Downtown Millbrae really lacks anywhere to sit down and eat outside. Sure, you can sit in front of and drink your Latte, in front of with your smoothie or . But there isn’t a restaurant where you can sit outside, be served and enjoy your meal. Major score for Big Mouth.  If we had been dining in to eat, I would have been outside enjoying the beautiful day we were having. There were lots of families enjoying their meals outside.

Everyone we came in contact with was very nice and helpful. When I went to Big Mouth Burgers today to take some pictures to go with this article, I ended up meeting the owner, Ibrahim Dababneh. He is awesome! He told me how happy he is to be here in Millbrae and that they “take pride” in everything they serve. This was very apparent in the 49er chicken sandwich that he was about to serve. He was nice enough to let me take a picture of it. It looked so good, I think I know what I will be ordering the next time.

When we got home and I opened the bag of food, I realized why they are called Big Mouth Burgers. The burger was bigger than my hand. I thought to myself “there is no way I will ever be able to eat all of this.” Thankfully, I was sharing with my daughter who can usually eat her weight in food, so no problem there.

We dug in and were not disappointed. Usually I can’t get my daughter to eat turkey burgers but she devoured this one. It had so much flavor I was absolutely amazed. She also devoured her fair share of fries. My husband was really happy with his burger also. Not one of us was able to finish in one sitting. Could be that I ate ten too many onion rings! They were so good I couldn’t resist.

One of the other things that we really loved about BMB’s was the décor. When you go in you are surrounded by large flat screen televisions and SF Giants and SF 49ers décor. Being hard core Giants fans, we like being anywhere that surrounds us with our favorite team!

So the next time you are downtown, stop in to Big Mouth Burgers… you won’t regret it!

Paul Padilla July 18, 2011 at 10:54 PM
I agree Angela! Mitchell's ice cream for the milkshakes and the fresh meat make me go mmm mmm mmm! (to steal the Cambell Soup jingle haha) Love their mushroom steak sandwich...


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