Scotts Valley November Death Notices

See obituaries of people from Scotts Valley that passed away recently.

The following people with ties to Scotts Valley died recently. Click their names to read full obituaries. 

Gertrude Adam: Her son lives in Scotts Valley. She loved to crochet and was a hospital employee. Passed away Nov. 15. She was 87.

Sandra "Sandy" Janney: Scotts Valley resident. She was a librarian and a teacher's aide. Passed away Nov. 13 after a long battle with MS. She was 67. 

Mary Joiner: Longtime church member in Scotts Valley. Served in the US Navy after the Pearl Harbor attack in WWII. Passed away Nov. 10. She was 91. 

Diane Joyce: Resident of Scotts Valley. She was a nurse and was the first in her family to attend college. Passed away Nov. 10 after a battle with cancer. She was 53. 

Irma Lippold: Resident of Scotts Valley. Worked as a supervisor of radiology. Passed away Nov. 24. She was 82. 

Johanna MacKenzie: Resident of Scotts Valley. She hid from the Nazis for five years in her youth. She loved to bike. Passed away Nov. 7. She was 91. 

Shirley Schieffer: Resident of Scotts Valley. She moved to town in 2002 and was thrilled to have a thermostat after heating her home in Ben Lomond with wood for 50 years. Passed away Nov. 10. She was 83. 

Kenneth Seese: Regular at the Scotts Valley dog park. He was a big bingo player. Passed away Nov. 3. He was 78. 

Stanley Stewart: Resident of Scotts Valley. He had 14 great-grandchildren and was in the Plumbers Union. Passed away Nov. 5. He was 88. 

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