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BART Partners with BMW to Design New Trains.

BART announced Monday that DesignworksUSA, a subsidiary of BMW group, will design its new train cars for the 2017 fleet.

The new concept will facilitate passengers entering and exiting the train, according to DesignworksUSA. The cars will also feature adaptive interior color lighting that will change throughout the day with sunlight conditions.

According to BART, the system has the oldest running trains in the country, most of which are still in operation from BART’s opening in September 1972. BART hopes the new trains will attract more commuters from the Bay Area’s freeways. 

“With 75 percent of our customers having the option of choosing another way to get to their destinations, we figured what better way to lure the drivers of the future onto BART than to hire the company who knows motorists best,” said BART Board President Bob Franklin in a statement.

BART gathered the public’s input in conceptualizing its future cars by hosting Seat Labs, and will pass on riders' feedback to DesignworksUSA as it polishes draft concepts.

Mark D July 22, 2011 at 01:49 AM
That's a neat looking train, but that isn't really what I or millions of others asked for when we voted to spend our tax dollars on high speed rail.


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