SFO: Weather Causes Flight Delays

The rainy weather is causing flight delays and cancellations.

Strong winds and rain are affecting numerous flights at San Francisco International Airport this morning, a duty manager said.

The weather is causing delays to arriving flights of up to three and a half hours, duty manager Nancie Parker said.

The Federal Aviation Administration has implemented its flow-control program for SFO because of the weather, slowing the rate of arrivals. The program will be in effect throughout the day, Parker said.

No departing flights had been delayed as of 8:15 a.m., but the late arrivals will eventually affect turnaround, and Parker said she expects a number of delays to outgoing flights later this morning.

Twenty short-haul flights, heading to and from airports in Orange County, Monterey, Santa Barbara and other West Coast destinations have been canceled, Parker said.

"This is definitely uncommon," Parker said.

Parker said the forecast calls for the stormy weather to continue for several days, but that today and Thursday are expected to have the heaviest rainfall.

--Bay City News


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