Millbrae Safeway Will Add More Than 50 Jobs, Company Says

Store will expand workforce from 100 to more than 150 when renovations are completed a year from now. Current employees will be placed at other stores during shutdown.

The Millbrae Safeway store will expand its workforce by more than 50 percent when it opens the doors to its renovated store about a year from now, a spokeswoman for the grocery chain told Patch.

The Millbrae store, which is slated to , currently employs 100. The new store will employ over 150, spokeswoman Wendy Gutshall said.

The 37,000 square foot store on 525 El Camion Real, which first opened its doors in 1962, will be completely demolished and rebuilt from the ground up into a new "Podium style" structure in the 54,000 square foot range offering expanding selections.

Gutshall said the design is based on the company's "lifestyle" concept around which about 85 percent of the chain's stores nationally have adopted.

The renovated store will offer customers expanded selections of produce, meat, bakery, seafood and organic foods, Gutshall said.

All current employees at the Millbrae Safeway will be placed at other stores during the renovations, Gutshall said.

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yesenia May 29, 2012 at 11:06 PM
"All current employees at the Millbrae Safeway will be placed at other stores during the renovations, Gutshall said." based on what 3 employees have told me (different days, and different times obviosuly), yes the above is a fact, BUT how come Gutshall is not mentioning that the employees will not have their jobs back...they have to re-apply, and maybe, just maybe, if selected, if interviewed, and if hired, then they will get their job back. how about that? talk about loyalty huh? oh, and how about letting the employees officially know what the plan was? loyalty...NOT!
Jesse M. May 30, 2012 at 12:14 AM
I wonder how many employees at Safeway can actually afford to live (comfortably) in Millbrae. Also, if Safeway gave a hoot about creating local jobs (which they don't), they would hire local labor. They have a bad track record of hiring out-of-town labor. If they want to import labor, they can import their customers too!
Amy July 09, 2012 at 02:23 AM
All the employees ARE being placed at local stores until this one reopens. And they are still going to work there when it reopens. No one is going to lose there job. Re-apply re-hire? That's not true. I worked at Safeway for 5+yes and I have a family member that still works at the Millbrae Safeway for 15+ yrs. They make good money too. That's if you were hired before the most current union contract. If you were the top pay for a cashier is about 24$ and some change. BUT if you were hired AFTER the newest union contract then you're screwed and start at minimum wage and it takes FOREVER to top out. The pay scale/wage increase is horrendous now. I personally hate "Slaveway" management/corporate asswipes. But you gotta eat and buy groceries and keep the local employees in business. Hopefully the new remodel will help with the parking situation etc. I hate how they hire "mentally challenged" employees to look all good to the community and shit but they do it because they get a tax break and all that greedy shit when they hire them. It's not cool.


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