Artist Steals Justin Bieber’s Trash Can, Creates Robot

The artist created the robot to show how society's obsession with YouTube sensations and social media contribute to the loss of control of personal data.

Holding up a mirror to society's obsession with sensations and social media, an American artist has created the first known Justin Bieber "robot" and will debut it at an upcoming art gallery show in Los Angeles.

The artist who goes by the name XVALA apparently stole pop star icon Justin Bieber’s residential trash can to create BieberBot. The BieberBot is topped with a crate taken from Facebook headquarters’ cafeteria and resembles a life-size robot.

“Justin Bieber’s profile is a spawn of social media and cloning him would make his status widely accessible to the public,” XVALA said in a statement to promote the show, which will take place Sept. 8 at the Brewery Arts Complex in Los Angeles. “I want to create a monster with technology like Dr. Frankenstein and Google.”

XVALA is known for raiding the trash cans of celebrities and tech founders and turning the items into fine art.

His latest sculpture is another attempt, he said, to show how the evolution of technology has contributed to the loss of control of personal data.

“We make our trash public domain, not realizing that our trash defines us more than social media,” XVALA said. “I want to exploit what people can’t Google.”

To learn more about the BieberBot, visit www.cacanet.com.

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