Halloween Safety Tips From South City FD

Easy steps from the South City Fire Department to keeping your trick-or-treaters safe.

At a regular City Council meeting on Wednesday, the South San Francisco Fire Department gave the following safety tips for Halloween: 


  • though it can be difficult to find flame-retardent kids costumes, avoid shaggy, ropey, or hairy costumes that hav ea tendancy to catch fire more easily
  • costumes that are bright are easier to see at night 
  • if a child has a mask, make sure eye holes are large enough for them to maintain peripheral vision
  • for younger kids especially, put a name tag with phone number and address in case they are found separated from others
  • give your kids glow sticks or rings, flashlights, or put reflective tape on their costumes to make them more visible to you and to drivers


  • it's best, especially for younger kids, to trick-or-treat before it's dark outside
  • keep kids in groups
  • keep kids within your eyesight
  • for older trick-or-treaters: if they are out without parental supervision, know where they are going, keep in touch throughout the night and agree on a time for them to return home

Home decorations

  • spray decorations with flame retardants
  • do not use open flames; battery-operated candles are good for jack-o-lanterns or other decorations
  • if using dry ice, keep out of reach of children
  • feed trick-or-treaters before they go out so they will not eat as much candy all at once
  • look at the candy before they eat it; if it's not wrapped, it's safest to throw it away. 

Happy Halloween! For more Patch Halloween 2012 coverage, go here

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Taylor Wiles October 27, 2012 at 04:38 AM
I don't think that's too old. What does everyone else think?
Jim C October 27, 2012 at 04:51 AM
Our rule was always that you don't go as a teenager...unless you're walking younger cousins and then you can still dress up and ask for candy if you want. So I think 11 and 12 are fine. Hope they have fun!


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